“Is Paul McCartney Dead?”

People read the foreward and ask “Hey, what’s the deal with this death of Paul McCartney stuff?” “Paul is dead” is an urban legend alleging that he died in 1966 and was replaced with a look-alike. Clues to his death could be found among the lyrics and artwork of Beatles’ recordings.  In the fall of 1969, shortly after the release of the Beatles’ Abbey Road, a rumor swept across America concerning the death of Paul McCartney.

Abbey Road

Why was McCartney barefoot and out of step? Was John Lennon dressed in white to represent a religious person? Was Ringo dressed like a mortician and George dressed as a shabby gravedigger? What about the policeman on the other side of the street?The yellow VW bug license plate that reads 28IF – Was this album cover staged? Shortly after this album was released, The Paul is dead rumors started to take off.

This topic will covered in greater detail when we get to page 16 of A Circus Mind and the poem “The Death of Paul McCartney”



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