island records – jamaica 1959

II am working on several new books in 2011 and one of them is titled Surrounded by Water: The History of Island Records. In my own unique writing style I will detail the humble beginnings of Island Records in Jamaica to the indie rock label super power with a major influence on the progressive music scene of the UK in the early 1970s and 1980s introducing the world bands likes of Bob Marley, U2, Roxy Music, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Eric B. and Rakim and Amy Winehouse.

“Jamica 1959” – Surrounded by Water

As everything is artifice or allusion was quoted to the Cubans
With fierce style and expressions approaches a physician with weapons
Through shallow bodies of water, breathing for shelter, breathing for relief
Rescued thin, a hand reached with a grin that everything would be irie

As hammering strings vie for the eyes and ears of the Half Moon guests
Spontaneously delivered by the preferred young blind pianist
Don’t ever stop doin what you’re doing or we’re through
The destination a fixed location on South Odeon Avenue

In between the sounds of Ursula Andress and Dr. Julius
While Honey rises from the sea leaving us anxious
The predictions and expectations of the lines in my hand
Created a label dedicated to vinyl called Island

Serving island rhythms to the Windrush of Brixton London
Past the Chesire Plain to the Manchester Metropolitan
In a blue Mini-Cooper touring on, to the city of Brum
Delivering the forward marching of Derrick Morgan – Ryan Cox

Bob Marley – Kinky Reggae



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