neon indian – era extrana

Like walking across the cold night tile floor, feeling the crease between tiles smooth over the ridge of your foot, inching your big toe carefully forward, careful to guide you through the dark, careful to guide you past the creaks of the house, as ice crumbles and breaks and the air whistles through the vents while your toe gently finds the base of the kitchen cabinets and you slowly lean into the counter top, your hip pinching the corner as you rise from your heels and roll from pinky to big toe tops, stretching your right arm and extending to the top shelf and extending your child like wonder and excitement to dip right into the cookie jar… I am ready for my imagination to explore and to wander to the top of the cookie shelf that holds the Neon Indian release of Era Extrana September 13th and swings through Austin’s Mohawk on Sept 23rd to help close out this deadbeat summer.



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