reptar – stuck in my id

If you have ever wound around and ducked through some neighborhood corners and whizzed past mail boxes looking for the street address that x marks the spot and rub the curb and unbuckle and wonder if it is the right spot, the right party and whose friends they are and how you heard about it and which one of your friends should be there, you hope is there, and knock knock and then just slowly twist the door knob and ease on in as you look back at your crew and wonder what you’ll find as you proceed forward and in the door and the people and the unfamiliar faces and where is the booze and do we still have ice and ahhh and yes and there she is and there are my friends and I know you and how do I know you and as Halloween approaches and the fall wraps your back you ask “Who is singing this song? I FEEL PERFECT!” and on in to the night without a care of what’s next! Cool…



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