jimi hendrix – rainy day dream away – still raining, still dreaming

Drip drip the drain pipes click as the cat’s wander to catch a lick and the earth moves a little slower and I react a little slower and the gray stacks on top of the smoke and the silver twists through them like a pair of slick otters and the gutters open wide for a big drink and leaves and debris bask in the running stream and puddles gather begging to be smashed to pieces and to gather their wings and fly great distances and form new puddles and make new friends and reform and prepare for flight and pack for an unknown journey to the concrete to the lawn to a well worn cuff of the jeans and slipping through the market store floor waiting for the unexpected to walk through the door and thoughts tumble to all the math and questions linger about all the symbols and all that mysterious light that is hidden from my eyes begging to penetrate the coal skies and the rest and quiet and the calm and the slow turn of the sky and the beginning of the wind and the windy knocks on the door and tip taps on your window and wrestle with the trees and those drops begin to fall and…

Rainy Day Dream Away-Still Raining, Still Dreaming



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