owsley brothers – hot mess

A forked tongue is a tongue split into two distinct tines at the tip, crawling through the battle mud, on belly and chest, fighting the devil’s grip, with the ghost of the Mississippi Delta spirit, the electric tinge of the cracked bullwhip, and the stomp and beat and clap of a strutting vixen’s hips, leaving you on your hands and knees staring at the sky, praying for the mercy of an angel’s kiss!

The Owsley Brothers-2012 SXSW Schedule-

-Wens. Mar. 14th 7:00pm
Do512 Lounge Sessions Presented by Shiner Beer:
Owsley Brothers

-Fri. Mar. 16th 10:00pm
XSXSW 5: Muddy Roots Music Festival

… -Sat. Mar. 18th 8:30pm
Rollo & Grady Productions and The Electric Company Present
The Symphony Square Party



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