hollis brown – gypsy black cat

From the first notes and driving beat of the drums you can smell the dust and dirt settling underneath a melting sun, the squint in my eyes as we ride off until we meet another sunrise, until we meet the next cloud of smoke riding through the next empty-hearted night, your whiskey worn throat delivering the coal for the wheels on the tracks, your blood soaked words have the ghost of never looking back.

3/14: SXSW @ The Parish, Navigational Society/Good Danny’s Showcase, 11am
3/14: SXSW @ The Lone Star Riverboat, Bamm TV Showcase, 4:20pm
3/14: SXSW @ The Rooftop Bar Red Gorilla Showcase, 9pm
3/15: SXSW @ Molotov, STPP Showcase, 8:15pm
3/16: SXSW @ Beale St. Tavern (Rocker Stalker), 5pm
3/17: SXSW @ The Lodge (Rethink Pop Music Showcase), 3pm
3/17: SXSW @ Hole In The Wall (This Is Not A Test Party), 8:45pm



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