parliament funkadelic – can you get to that

I was exposed to the hypnotic guitar sample of Sleigh Bells Rill Rill in 2010 as they rounded through Austin for SXSW in March to fill the 6pm slot at The Fader Fort. As I prepared my SX schedule, rsvp’d to all the tents, all the parties, mapped out the free booze, the lies I created to skip out of work early, the truth I owned up to at 7 o’clock in the morning while I reeked of Gin, Budweiser, and Parliament Lights, Rill Rill seemed to be all around me from singing in lines to drunken late night hook ups. Last week I popped in the P-Funk album Maggot Brain and after exploding my mind with the title tracks guitar masterpiece by Eddie Hazel, I was surprised that it dipped right into the hypnotic strum that captivated me over two years ago. I have been listening to the album and the track over and over, over the past week. I suggest you put it in, turn it up, hit repeat and close out the summer time proper like. Can you get to that?



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