the rolling stones – can’t you hear me knocking

As many of my friends know or for those of you who have stumbled on to my blog or have mental telepathy, I am getting close to finishing my 1st book A Circus Mind. The challenges, the bliss, the divine intervention, the bouts without creativity, one foot in front of another, the corner of fear and self doubt, all the clumsy words, the reworking of words, the lightning bolt, the light bulb, ink, ink, ink, coffee, coffee coffee, alone in a room for hours, staring at nothing for hours, can’ stop writing for hours, all the music, so much music, GOD I LOVE MUSIC, the vision of the end, asking myself why? asking myself how and what’s next?

Here is a Rolling Stones illustration from A Circus Mind. Grab a popcorn and ocean of soda, I will be talking all things ACM and the trials and tribulations to get this guy published now that the work is almost complete. Here I fucking come, Can’t you hear me knocking? I love you.



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