kings of leon – slow night so long

It was the fall of 2006 and I had been traveling out to Los Angeles once every couple of months to visit my friend Blake and his large group of friends who were slowly becoming my friends as well. I got a call from Blake that the Kings of Leon were opening up for Bob Dylan at the Forum in the middle of October. Blake had become friends with Kings drummer Nathan Followill and invited me out to come spend the weekend in L.A. and take down the show. I was secretly hoping that through Nathan I would get a chance to meet my hero Bob Dylan. By this time I had seen the KOL play several club dates and was absolutely enthralled with the energy and power of their live shows. It was the feeling of being in the middle of a dive bar brawl, the feeling that something unexpected would happen. The Kings opened to a sparsely crowded Forum as the majority of the crowd was shuffling in to see the 20th century icon, which was a clear disappointment to Caleb as he slammed the microphone to the stage as they closed their set. Bu this was far and a way my favorite Bob Dylan show, musically tight and passionatley delivered. Unfortunately, I was not able to meet Bob, but I will always have the burning memory of a raucous version of Maggie’s Farm which left my throat rattled and scratched. After the show, we rolled back to West Hollywood to the Kings after party at the Spider Club. We sat around with the band shooting the breeze about the show and college football. I found myself talking with this short, dark haired, bubbly girl who introduced herself as Drew. We carried on for a few minutes about the show and music in general when I noticed that I recognized the tall curly headed fellow she was with… Fabrizio Morretti of The Strokes and I looked back to my surprise that I was hanging out with a hair dyed black, Drew Barrymore. What a surprise! What a great night! What an incredible memory! I will forever be in love with those first two Kings albums and the track that hooked me “Slow Night, So Long”

It was a blast writing about the Kings of Leon for my book ‘A Circus Mind’ and those listening to those first two albums that fueled many a late night writing session.



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