of montreal – fugitive air

Of_Montreal Summer heat, summer strangler sure does feel like fugitive air. Hostage hands of the morning, noon, and night sun, escaping the violent red yellow grip and pursuing the midnight air of cool freedom.

In A Circus Mind news, I spoke with the regional vice president of advertising at Spotify on Friday. We discussed a joint venture in advertising a digital copy of my book, A Circus Mind. The idea being that we would cut the book down by a third or quarter for free digital download. The free download would have some advertising for Spotify and some of its partners as well as providing links throughout the writing connecting the reader to the song and album references directly on Spotify. The hope is to give the reader a dynamic experience while reading the book and to drive awareness for me.

Exposure has definitely been a challenge for me. My biggest challenge is just getting enough eyes on the book. Once someone grabs hold of it, opens it, and begins flipping the pages, my experience has been that folks are taken aback by the powerful images, beautiful layout and catchy poems.

I love a good challenge… Who should I try to get the book in front of???

So here I am again, putting ten fingers to work on the pages of this blog which I have so carelessly ignored over the past 6 to 9 months. Sharing my love of music and my experiences with my book A Circus Mind.

jewels and binoculars, ryan




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