iggy pop – lust for life

iggy-pop A rock and roll anthem if ever there was one. Written by Iggy and David Bowie, ‘Lust For Life’ seizes the moment and pumps it full of life. From the thundering Bo Diddley-esque drums and Motown-on-steroids riff to the defiantly celebratory lyrics (inspired by the William Burroughs novel ‘The Ticket That Exploded’), it’s like a shot of pure adrenalin. During the sessions, there was a friendly rivalry between Pop and Bowie that added fuel to the fire of the sessions. “It was an ideas friction, not a personal one” said Iggy in the book ‘Open Up And Bleed.’

Gotta get the word out, need it, want it, loving it with a bursting lust for life. Iggy Pop is a musical favorite and sometimes collaborator of the fashion designer, John Varvatos. Today, I wrote Johnny Varvatos a quick blipnote about my book, A Circus Mind, and all of the rock and roll goodness that would be a perfect fit for his retail outlets amongst all of the rock and roll inspired fashion and art hanging on the walls. I think it is so fricken’ cool that he took the space that once blasted the punk rock of the famous CBGB’s to house his Downtown NYC fashion. I dropped 8 copies of A Circus Mind for him to lock his eyeballs onto, pass out to friends, employees and maybe if he is really lusting, Iggy Pop! Can’t tell you how much fun it is to slang copies of the book around the country in hopes of striking a chord with those who share my passion for rock and roll.

Who should be next on my list? I really want to do a video series of me trying to get the book in the hands of the artists who inspired it. Find out from them what the “push on through or give up moment” was for them. Listening to “Lust for Life” definitely fuels my push!



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