tv on the radio – mercy

tvradio TV On The Radio always seemed to sneek its way onto the speaker box around 2:30 in the morning when everyone was piling into the house from the bar, destroying the kitchen, dancing in the living room, and jabbering away on the front porch with a crumbled up pack of Parliaments. This track is much heavier than anything heard on 2011’s Nine Types of Light, which I totally dig, more rock and roll equals more better. Kinda sonic explosion-y with a great climax.

I watched a great documentary last night on Showtime called Kingdom Come, a documentary about an independent film makers struggle to make his movie Broken Kingdom. Must See! There is so much about this documentary and the interviews and the struggle that I can relate to. Bringing A Circus Mind to life was no small feat. Throughout the five years I worked on A Circus Mind, I spent countless hours writing, managing illustrators, doling out major cash for art and design, I was fueled by a passion to hold the book in my hand. At the height of those moments of passion, inspiration, and determination my very next thoughts were always “why the hell am I doing this?” “will anyone really care?” “I am any good?” “Is this book worth a shit?” Its a tough act to balance the passion and the doubt, but I continue to focus on the creativity and set the doubt to the side. It’s a real part of any creative endeavour that you must prepare your mind for but if you keep your eye on the end result and your vision, there is no doubt that you will set off the tuning fork inside of yourself.

jewels and binoculars, ryan



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