the beatles – sgt. peppers

sgtpeppers The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, full of color, sound, and imagination was a spectacle to even be held not to mention listen to. Taking breaks from the hot summertime sun, I would listen to the record over and over while quizzing my parents about the album at the dinner table. My mom showed me how to play the record backwards and we engaged in many conversations about the “Paul Is Dead” controversy of the mid 60’s. I was swept away by the power of the music and the clever lyrics and style. Like many of you, this record has provided such a wonderful soundtrack to so many great memories with family and friends. I got to relive the memories over and over while listening to the record on repeat as I dug into to all of the wonderful stories about the making of Sgt. Peppers. I find myself transfixed by Julia Minamata’s colorful artwork created for A Circus Mind

I have a propensity and a love for a good day dream and what better way to consume your time when it’s raining than with a day dream. While not played and played and played on the radio, Fixing a Hole always seem to fit me for that very reason, super dreamy. What’s your favorite song on Sgt. Peps?



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